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Koala holding onto a branch

8 Koality KOALA Facts

Like tigers, whales, penguins, elephants, gorillas, and sea turtles – koalas are one of the world’s most iconic animals! In the wild, koalas act as ambassadors for other Australian wildlife…
young Florida manatee swimming in Crystal River

4 Mind-Blowing Facts About Manatees

Manatees are simply endearing; they are truly the gentle roly-polys of the sea. What’s not to love about a charming manatee? I know I’ve enjoyed observing them in the wild both in Everglades…
Great Blue Heron in Everglades National Park

5 Animals to See in the Everglades

America’s great National Parks are famous for their wild animals. From Yellowstone’s bison to the bats of Mammoth Cave, there are countless species to discover around the county.  The United State's…