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Laro - Ethical Wildlife Travels

Vision Statement

At Laro Travels we believe in empowering travelers to journey for wildlife, helping to end the exploitation of wildlife for tourism both in captivity and in nature.

two orphaned elephant calves eating leaves

Our Story

The name Laro was inspired by meeting a little elephant in Nairobi, Kenya by the name Larro. This special orphan made a tremendous recovery from her traumatic past. Her caretakers even consider her to be a ‘mini-matriarch’ that diligently cares and tends to the other orphans. Now she is well on her way to reintegrating back into nature. This elephant’s story helps to embody Laro’s mission in ending the exploitation of wildlife for tourism both in captivity and in nature.

At Laro Travels we firmly believe that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and that the tourism industry can be a force for good. By empowering one another we have the ability to shift the tourism industry to more ethical practices for wildlife. Laro Travels is dedicated to developing and sharing robust resources for travelers to become a part of that positive shift, ensuring that all animals are valued and respected.

From our Founder

My entire life has been devoted to connecting with animals. Even as a kid I led my relatives on backyard safaris to discover the staged animal figurines I had around the playground. This fascination for wildlife led me to seek out any opportunity to see animals. But the harsh reality was, many of those experiences growing up fell short of anything ethical for wildlife. My naivety drew me to the animals, not the pitiful circumstances of my encounters. Those past experiences visiting roadside zoos, circuses, dolphinariums, and other tourist traps taught me the bleak reality of wildlife exploitation. This wake-up call drove me to create something greater to help combat this exploitative system. After visiting over a dozen countries around the world I am sadly aware of the need for a shift in the wildlife tourism industry. My work in developing Laro is rooted in the goal of inspiring and engaging other travelers to discover the natural world and help to protect it in the process. No animal should be used for our benefit, and I stand proud to ensure that together we end the exploitation of wildlife for tourism!

-Milo Putnam

Milo next to a safari jeep Masai Mara National Reserve.

Wildlife Travel Videos

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“Don’t be tricked by misused greenwashing buzzwords like ‘rescue,’ ‘sanctuary,’ or ‘eco-park.’ Companies know that tourists like these terms, which to these companies can mean more profits, even if it isn’t true.” - Milo Putnam, founder of Laro Ethical Wildlife Travels

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